About us

Paradise Furniture

Paradise Furniture is design and quality oriented high grade chairs manufacturer. Our products are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and support.

Our products are widely accepted by Leading Architects, Interior Designers, Hotels, Airports, Hospitals, Educational Institutes as well as various Government and Multinational Companies.

At Paradise, we believe that office chair should be the first partner at work. We ensure that there is suitable model for different shapes and requirements. While maintaining persistent quality standards, our aim is to provide maximum relaxation at work yet providing optimum utilization of space. We design all our products in accordance to fit your body shape curve and meet all the parameters related to comfort and style. All the products are designed using high quality foam and fabrics, high bearing steel, featuring tilting angles and height adjustment for great seating support.

In our continuous passion of developing new designs while maintaining high quality parameters, we proudly present our New Collection...